6 Session Workshop– This workshop covers the fundamentals of playing an electric keyboard or guitar. Each session is approx. 30 minutes.We encourage the kids to learn easy melodies, chords, and songs.

i4K Star Game Contest– This is a contest that any child can enter for a chance to win a grand prize keyboard or guitar kit! This contest is for kids who are willing to practice regularly.

Freestyle Music Hour– We use the instruments donated to the shelters, pass out tambourines, shakers etc. and simply play simple 1 or 2 chord songs so everyone can play/sing along to the best of their ability. We also have a show and tell portion that lets anyone who can play a melody or song show what they can do…

Our volunteer teachers love working with the kids and get a kick out of seeing them develop their musical skills.

We are here to assist the kids in any way possible, so let us know what type of schedule your shelter has in mind… we can offer weekly or bi-weekly programs.