Instruments 4 Kids

We need help covering the electric guitars, keyboards and accessories. Every homeless child deserves a musical instrument to call their own so why not make this Christmas season the best ever. If you would like to be a sponsor/strategic partner or even make a small donation that covers accessories like guitar picks and strings, please donate on one of the following platforms: PayPal Thank you i4K supporters, this means the world to these children… If you like our mission, please share this post to get the word out… P.S. You can donate without even trying!… Supporting i4K at is easy… simply select Instruments4Kids as the charity you want to support and amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchases! Thank you for your donation just for shopping at! #music heals  #givethegiftofmusic  #i4Kids  #gamechanger #goodkarmagiving

Thank You Brenda For Donating An Instrument To i4K!